Two Quilts in a Day

Did you start your sewing experience with a little chain stitch toy sewing machine? I had a little singer sewing machine that worked about as well as this plastic Hello Kitty toy I gave to Avarie. Which is to say– not all all, and frustrating to boot. This little machine has the needle inside a plastic tube so that little fingers can't get hurt. And to make it completely impossible for any fingers to thread, I guess. Aarrghh!
Hello Kitty abandoned and on to Plan B, using my real Bernina 215 travel machine. I really got hooked on sewing, sitting on my mother's lap, with her guiding the fabric under the needle, sewing a fairy dress. For our project, I pre cut 6 inch squares and Mackenzie is arranging her Dora blocks while Avarie sits on my lap. I have the machine pedal on a stool so she can reach it with her foot. This works!
Testing to see if it's big enough yet.
The girls call this block pattern “Hop Scotch.” Half a yard of each fabric yields 18 six inch squares. Just the right amount to make a small quilt. Three quarters of a yard for the backing, with the backing fabric brought around to the front and sewed down for binding. We tied the quilts at the block intersections with pearl cotton and Done!
They love their new quilts that they made “all by their self.” I had a fun day with my grand daughters. And I am so hoping they continue to love sewing and making things. Next time Avarie wants to make a fairy dress…oh boy…


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  1. Oh Terry they are so sweet and adorable! I am so glad you got to spend this precious time with them. They will always remember it….long after the fairy dresses are forgotten.

  2. sweet quilts. They must be so proud! Just warning you: Abby’s store bought fairy dress has lights that twinkle and plays ‘let it go’ when you push the button.

  3. Adorable!

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