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A few weeks ago, my friend Sujata gave me a copy of her new book, Cultural Fusion Quilts. When I first flipped through the pages, I wanted to crash into my stash of fabrics, start cutting like a wild woman and make every single quilt in the book. Oh yeah, it's that good! I have beaten down that insane impulse because I know exactly where it would have lead me– with a huge mess.

Instead of going off with rotary cutter half cocked, I have allowed myself to read through the book, enjoying Sujata's story, her inspirations, her colors and her methods.

Many quilters know Sujata Shah from her very popular blog, The Root Connection, but I didn't meet her that way. A gasp of delight was my first reaction to seeing her quilts when she showed them at a guild meeting. I gotta know that woman! A colorful and exciting quilt introduction led to our friendship.


My very favorite thing about the book is how Sujata translates her inspiration into quilt form. The quilt “Toran” was inspired by little flags, strung as welcoming banners, called torans.



The photo Sujata took of a fort in Rajasthan, India, reminds me of my visit to Mehrangarh Fort, when I was in Rajasthan, and I wonder if it is the same fort. I so want to make a quilt to remember my amazing trip.



I am in awe of Sujata's connection between inspiration and fabric translation. How easily she constructed the blocks with her free-form piecing technique. Everybody could do this! All of the quilts in the book have clear instructions.



Color! Sujata and I live at different ends of the rainbow. Actually, her quilts are color explosions and I love them. But I am so inspired by the quilt, Winter.


Maybe because it speaks to me, so perfectly eloquent, right now when December days in Chester County are so gray. Or maybe because I want to make a quilt using my own colors of greens and blues. Don't you absolutely love it when a quilt book shows you different color ways! There is so much encouragement and suggestion for individualizing.

Sujata says “Quilts are wordless documents of personal and family history written in stitches.” She let's us see her story, told with open whole-heartedness. Her book invites quilters to join her spontaneous creativity, with easy, just plain fun techniques, to stitch our own impressions and memories.

Go ahead! Give yourself a Christmas present! Cultural Fusion Quilts: A Melting Pot of Piecing Traditions.

I'm a fan. Big fan!



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  1. Thank you Terry, for this beautiful post! Yes!!! It was the same fort! I should share some pictures of the fort, I bet you would have seen it from the same spot. Oh how I would love to go back there with quilting friends!
    I am so looking forward to your version of Winter! It is fun quilt. In your colors it would be like walking through the trails of Mt Rainier! Can’t wait!

  2. very nice review. I was so impressed with Toran: I actually said ‘wow’ out loud when I saw it & the source.

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