Christmas Quilts


How many Christmas quilts do you have? I have one or two small quilts and a couple of table runners. My friend Andra has an amazing number of Christmas quilts– wall quilts, bed quilts–all kinds! And she has decorations to coordinate with her quilts that fill her house with Christmas cheer. Don't you love Andra's little tree coming home in the pick up truck!


Angel decorations to match the Angel wall quilt.
Did I mention Christmas pillows on couches, chairs and beds?
I love the teddy bear's scarf and mittens.
This really might be my favorite. A teddy bear Christmas tree and the bears are wearing knitted Christmas sweaters!
All the beds are covered in Christmas quilts.
Even the crib for grandchildren visiting.
It's easy to get the Christmas spirit enjoying the artful decorations. I'm overwhelmed! And I haven't even shown the lower level where a “Beachy Christmas” theme prevails…think starfish and shell ornaments.
The Sometimes We Do quilters so appreciate Andra's warm and inviting home. We have gathered to enjoy our annual Christmas lunch and present exchange.
I am so fortunate to have wonderful friends. Thanks Andra, for hosting us in your beautiful home and thanks to all for a delishious feast. Thanks also for not stealing my gorgous table runner made by Susie in the Chinese gift exchange! I love it.
And a huge thanks to Peggy for remembering my Grinch hat. It has magical power to fill me with Christmas spirit!






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  1. Oh What Fun! Christmas gatherings and quilts–perfect together. What a lovely home and I enjoyed the tour! I would never be able to use the word Grinch in the same sentence with your name. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Terry,
    I only have one Christmas quilt. One unfinished top but lots of red and white mixed with green quilts. Do they count? I am in awe with what you have shown here! Andra’s home looks pretty festive!
    I love that picture of you in the Grinch hat!

  3. Your pictures make my house look so nice!! What a fun day we had. Glad you are fully in the spirit as your wonderful quilting has put me
    over the top. Seriously…Allison’s quilt is a masterpiece. But SO closely followed by the other two. I am binding and embellishing today.
    Thank you so much for getting everything done and so wonderfully done!! NOW…orders from on high…GO ENJOY!!!! Went to Winterthur
    last night..worth a visit….

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