A Break in the Clouds

Look at that! I see a band of blue sky on Christmas Day in Hilton Head, South Carolina. After 5 days of pouring rain, I'm wondering if it is an illusion. What we call on the Appalachian Trail–“a sucker hole.”
Gary and Tanner, didn't let the rain, and other water hazards, stop them. They managed to get most of a round in every day, even if they did come in dripping wet. Tanner said, “At least it's a warm rain.”
I waited until the clouds really cleared and the sun came out for a walk on the beach.
Love these little shore birds. It's amazing how close they let you get to them before they scurry into the water.
The message written in the sand in front of this “sand man” is Merry Christmas!


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  1. For some reason I think you would find the beauty in the rain as well! However it is nice to get outside and move around. On our last trip to Hilton Head it rained the entire time- Happy you had a break!

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