November and Colors

There is something about the beginning of November that I love. I walked through the meadow at Longwood Gardens wondering what the heck it is. It isn't that first taste of winter– we had snow! Oh no, that kick started an urgent search for a few weeks in Florida in January. The blast of frost in the air makes me sorry to say good by to balmy 60's and having to break out the fleece.
I think November is beautiful. Maybe I just appreciate the change in the scenery.


I love the light in November, the long shadows and the stark contrasts. I love the way things seem to slow down, as if taking a breath before the serious attitude and preparations for winter. I always start new projects in late autumn and spring.
I'm going to make The season last just a little bit longer. I found these beautiful fabrics last weekend in a quilt shop in Lewis, Delaware. The Sometimes We Do Quilt Bee friends spent a long weekend sewing at the beach and we all found treasure at Mare's Bears Quilt Shop. The fabric looks like hand dyes but it is from a collection designed by Elaine Quehl for Northcott. There is also a gorgous stripe that I need to find somewhere. I've been gaga in love with Elaine's art quilts for years and I'm excited to use her fabric.
I know exactly what I am going to make. I've created a new class offering in Quilting in Layers that teaches many ways to have fun with piecing and quilting 4 inch blocks in a grid format. I always have students in class that aren't so in love with appliqué and this class will be all about the pieced blocks and techniques to make them awesome. It will be so cool to use fabrics from one commercial collection. I'm going to have some fun making this class sample!



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  1. Oh those fabrics are beautiful. But I must saw the colors in your great LWG pix were equally enticing. Sew on!

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