Longwood Gardens is resplendent in fall colors.
Along the flower walk, the mums come in all colors.
Orange is probably my least favorite color but these rusty tones put me in such a fall mood I'm tempted to work with this palette.
This huge pumpkin is for you, Ellis! My little grandson loves pumpkins. Wait til he sees how they turn into jack-o-lanterns.
Happy Birthday to my husband! This is his favorite – chocolate peach up-side-down cake. What? A proper birthday cake needs frosting in my book. He gets all my calories on this one, and that's a good thing.


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  1. Everything about fall is wonderful. Happy birthday to Gary!

  2. Wow…time for another visit to LWG! We visited an amazing garden in SA…there was a long suspended bridge thru the high treetops….1/4 mile?

  3. Four girlfriends & I went to the Longwood Gardens, on the way to stay near Lancaster. The gardens were so beautiful in early May, and I am sure they look stunning in Autumn also. from Jenny in Australia

  4. The colors are just beautiful. I have grown to love orange over time. A little bit will do you.

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