Not Feelin’ It

These blocks are on my design wall right now. I hate this a lot. You know how sometimes you just want to sew your brains out and you don't want to go rooting around in your stash, tring to find fabric that goes together? Well, I was in the quilt shop and this Malka Dubrawsi fabric collection looked great. I bought everything in the line and brought the project to the Quiltini Pocono Retreat. My BQF's assured me I should keep working with the fabric…there was wine involved…
Today I put all the blocks on the wall to see how they look together. I viewed them with my reducing gizmo. Sometimes it helps to see the quilt in a more cohesive way. My friend Karen made the cool little bag. I just don't like anything about this quilt. What was I thinking in that shop? So now I need to decide if I go ahead and sew the blocks together or say, life's too short to work on ugly stuff.



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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    Hmmmmm. Sashing in a brighter color? Or just put it together and get some long arm practice.

  2. michele blesy says

    Flip the quilt to the vertical position with the lighter part on top. I love the fabric.

  3. You are pretty close to being finished, sew those blocks up and donate to the guild. Some one will love it even if you don’t! Or just donate all the blocks, there is some one in the guild who would love to have that quilt!

  4. I think we all stumble on one of those quilts that doesn’t create that picture we had in mind. The fabrics and blocks are great however maybe adding contrast between the blocks might break them up and stand out a bit more. Just a thought and I am sure you will discover what makes those beautiful fabrics sing!!!

  5. Catherine Morano says

    I can see exactly why you purchased the fabric. It really is pretty and the blocks are made beautifully. Maybe it will look better to you in the light of day. It was gloomy at my home most of yesterday and that can influence our mood. Are you planning to add a border? Perhaps auditioning the borders would help. It feels only slightly dark to me, but that may be the angle of the photography. Good luck.

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