Brandywine Day

I've been quiet lately. Not because I've been in some exotic place without Internet. I have been working away in my studio on several quilts but I can't show anything because they are for gifts! But today I took a break. It is such a gorgous fall day, it's time to kayak down the Brandywine River.
It's so wonderfully peaceful on the river.
There is one spot where we have to pull the kayaks out to carry them over an old dam. It's actually on property belonging to the Wyeth family.
It's easy for me to imagine Andrew Wyeth painting the sycamore trees that line the banks of the Brandywine.
Gary scouts the rocks we need to avoid.
And I spot two bald eagles riding the thermals.
I wish I could have gotten a better picture. They are such huge, majestic birds. I watched them for a while, realizing I've seen eagles twice this year, including the family of three I saw in Maine. How amazing.
I love the Brandywine River and the beautiful Wyeth country of Chester County. I made this small quilt years ago. It is about seeing the leaves of autumn through the water on the river bottom and the rings and sparkling trails my paddles leave on the surface after each stroke. It's hanging in my foyer now.


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  1. You had a beautiful day for kayaking and being outside with nature. Good eye for spotting the eagles. Your quilt is lovely. The translation of your experience of kayaking in fall to the fabric is just perfect.

  2. So glad that you went kayaking. My, my…we need to do that soon before it is too cold! And I let my husband take me golfing. Hmmmm…should have used my brain for a better option. However, we did have fun & it was BEAUTIFUL. I guess as long as we were outside, it was good. 8 like the foyer quilt, looks like a new one…timeless!

  3. It was a beautiful day to be outside!

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