Not spinning class, riding a stationary bike. Not spinning wool on a spinning wheel. My head is spinning! This photo was taken in the Pocono mountains and I am fondly remembering a wonderful, relaxing sewing retreat with my friends. That was just a week and a half ago!
After the Poconos, I dashed to the Pennsylvania Quilt Show at Oaks where I voted for my favorite quilt. Kelly of Pinkadot quilts made this amazing diary quilt, a year in her life, with a block made every week. The Quiltini's are even immortalized in the second row, second block.
I absolutely loved this quilt by Shani Leser. The coloration she adds in the facial features is wonderful. I'm thinking of doing a portrait of a little boy from a photo I took in India. I'm very intimidated. So I've been studying faces on quilts.
On this quilt, Denise Havlan painted her subject. There are so many techniques to use, but I think to be successful, the eyes really have to connect in an emotional way to the viewers. How will I do that? No time to even think yet. After dashing to the show, Gary and I hustled down to Roanoke, VA to help Tanner and darling granddaughters move to a new apartment.
I really wish these two lived closer.
Just one day back home to do laundry and repack the suitcase to travel to Springfield, Illinois to visit with my Mom and family members. Oh, and attend the Machine Quilters Expo Show. Darn convenient, huh!


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  1. Oh my gosh the girls are getting so big! Love the boots (-:

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