Return to Maine Day Two

It always amazes me how different the terrain is from one day to the next on the Appalachian Trail.
We are hiking across the Chairback Mountain range and there are “fins” of rock to cross, sometimes in the forest.
Sometimes on exposed ledges with great views. Yeah, that was hairy!
This photo is for my friend Jane who is “concerned” about walking on narrow trail with a serious drop down on both sides. A missed step here would not have been pretty… but the footing was quite secure. I was so grateful for no weather issues– rain, wind, sleet, snow or any combinations to scare the crap out of me and make the hiking more precarious.
No river crossings on this stretch. A hiker has placed a leaf to direct the trickle from this spring to make collecting water easier.
My policy is to treat or filter all water but Tim decided drinking was safe because the spring flowed directly from the rocks near the top of the mountain. Mother Nature's filtration system.
This was a very strenuous hike up that kicked my butt. My mind is working on the fact that we will be climbing up Mt Katahdin in a few days and the elevation is more than double what we did today. And much steeper.
And we still have to go down. What's that tiny white thing? Oh, that's a person waving at us and he's not even a quarter of the way down.
Third Mountain to KI Road
AT miles 7.0 Access Trails 1.5


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    America the beautiful!

  2. It is breathtaking!

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