Return to Maine Day Three

There really are only two roads in the 100 Mile Wilderness, Jo Mary Road and Katahdin Iron Works Road and both are maintained and controlled by big logging companies. To drive on the roads, you have to register and fill out paper work at the gate house, list your itinerary and duration of stay and pay a hefty fee, per person. Then you have to be really good at navigating miles and miles of unmarked gravel or narrow dirt road and take your life in your hands, jerking the car to the edge of the road to avoid the huge, tandom logging trucks barreling down on you at unbelievable speeds, loaded with monster logs.
And I worry about tripping off a rock ledge while hiking?
We are on our way to the AMC Gorman Chairback Lodge, our home for the next two nights. Finely! I spot a moose!
Today is a tough hike up Chairback Mountain. Lots of rock talus to climb up and butt slide down. I hope the fabric holds out on my hiking pants…it's been worn prett thin.
There is also beautiful Fourth Mountain Bog to cross. There are rare insectivor Pitcher Plants and Sundews that trap insects for nutrients. I've only seen these at Longwood Gardens.
I love bog bridges.
And I really love it when there is a stairway! It takes weeks and weeks of tremendous hard work for trail crews to construct stairs of rock. It preserves the trail from erosion and sure makes for easier hiking.
I've been worried about the Barren Ledges, with their ominous name and something called the Barren Slide that sounds even worse.
But oh my gosh! The Ledges aren't a bit scary or dangerous. We actually don't even go near the Barren Slide, thankfully.
A great place for a boots off rest.
And a look back at Chairback Mountain. Been there, hiked that one.
AT miles 7.5 Access trails 2.3



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  1. You are so brave and I am in awe!

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