Return to Maine Day One

Last week Gary and I drove to Maine to hike another section of the Appalachian Trail. Most of the time I didn't have internet access– or a cell phone signal, for that matter, and if we did have internet, I was way too tired to post. My blog is partly a diary and I might want to remember this hike some day, so I am recounting our trip now that we have returned home. I said “might” want to remember… Here we are at the Kineo View Motor Lodge undaunted at the start.
Near Greenville and Moosehead Lake, we are hiking in the 100 Mile Wilderness, famous for lack of road access. Almost everyone hiking this section of the Appalachian Trail backpacks, loaded with supplies for about 10 days.
But we are able to “slack pack” thanks to Laura finding remote logging roads and access trails. This means hiking more miles but we won't have to carry heavy backpacks and can drive back to a hotel and eat in a restaurant. Works for me!
I really am glad I don't have my big backpack to carry, fording these rivers.
Or rock hopping across smaller streams.
Moose did not make it across Big Wilson Stream…
But we all crossed safely, even though the cable was almost out of reach for Laura and I.
This is what happens to bridges in the high mountains of Maine. The ice breake-up and raging water during snow melt just destroys the structure and washes the ruble down stream.
Long Pond to Little Wilson Falls
AT miles 8.8 Access trail .8


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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    I am nervous for yu just looking at the photos. You are awesomely brave.

  2. It looks awesome! I want to go with you next time!

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