Not only did Janet Stone win Best of Show at the Machine Quilters Exposition, she was the featured quilter with more than 15 quilts on exhibit. I'm so glad the show was in Springfield, Illinois this year so I could take some classes and visit my family.
I have seen this quilt published and online but I can't remember the quilt artist that created her self portrait. It was so great to see it in person.
I also didn't get the name of the quilter who made this double sided quilt. This is the front side.
And this is the backside.
My favorite quilt by far was October Sky by Bethanne Nemesh of White Arbor Long Arm Quilting in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Her quilt won an award for Best Machine Quilting on a Stand Up Machine. Hey…Allentown…that's really near where I live. I wonder if she teaches…!
I am just blown away by the story her amazing stitching tells throughout the quilt. I got some good detail shots to study.
I don't know how she does this? Marks the design directly on the dupioni silk? Or maybe draws the design on Solvy and stitches through and then removes the tracing? I'm a fan! I'm also intrigued by the lovely trim or piping that she uses so effectively to define borders and edges. I need to know how she does that, too.
Yes, I came away from the show with lots of questions but I learned a lot, too. I took a class on using rulers with my Long Arm from Deloa Jones. And bought a few in Deloa's booth! I took another class on totally hand guided quilting from Sue Patten. Her style is edgy, never matches and “Unexpected” is a good thing. My third class was with Gina Perks and she demonstrated how to quilt with no backtracking of stitches where everything is even and matched and “Perfect” is the best thing. I guess I got a pretty good overview!
Seeing the quilts and learning from the Pros was great. But the best part was visiting with my mom, my brother and sister and nephews. I'm not getting on the scale for weeks. There was an apple pie cook off between my mom and my nephew…I'm just sayin'… And a barbecue dinner by candle light in the arbor and a poem read by my sister that brought me to tears. Thanks so much for a wonderful visit!



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