No, not twin grand kids…but that would be really, really great! I decided I could not part with the quilt I made to donate to the International Quilt Association's Celebrity Mini Quilt Silent Auction at the Houston Quilt show.
So I made another one. Now I can't decide which one to donate, the darker leaf on the left, or the more aqua colored leaf on the right?

I'm mulling over the decision with a slice of peach pie. I made this pie in honor of my daughter, Caitlin's birthday this week. She likes pie for her birthday cake and even though she now lives so far away in California, I think it is important to carry on family traditions. Gary agrees. Now, this isn't the prettiest pie I've ever made. I can craft a really beautiful deckel edge, woven lattice pie crust. But what would be the point? All that time consuming hard work would be hidden under the monster big slab of vanilla ice cream I'm putting on top of my piece. And, now I have more time to sew!


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  1. Caitlin miller says

    Why do I live so far away. Yum, that looks like some amazing birthday pie!

  2. And think of all the calories you will save without complete top crust? I think you can have two pieces at once!

  3. Wow they are both great, I can’t decide!
    If I remember right your Cait and my Colin share the same birthday. Does that mean I should make pie too? If so Bob will be happy!!

  4. Catherine M says

    Love your twins! I like the one on the left just a bit more. Pie and ice cream — not a bad way to take time making a decision. Happy birthday to your daughter and I wish you both a beautiful day.

  5. Both are beautiful! As much as I love the one on the the right–my eye turns to the darker jewel tones on the left (but that just me). And now that I have seen your quilts in person–could only imagine seeing them up close! Best Wishes for Houston–I love that show!

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