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I've been asked to donate a small wall quilt for this year's International Quilt Association's Celebrity Mini Quilt Silent Auction. The quilts will be hung during the annual judged show, Quilts…A World of Beauty, in Houston, Texas. I love that word celebrity! The quilt makers are authors, teachers, IQA Board Members and past Quilt Show award winners. That's me!

My quilt Mayapples won First Place in the Art Quilt Landscape category.



This year, my newest quilt, Sweetwater Gap Bloodroot, has been accepted into the competition and I am planning on going to Houston to enjoy the show. So, in making the donation quilt, why not pull out all the stops.
The quilts can be any style or technique, but I decided to do a small “Remarque” of the quilt that will be hanging in the show. I've had little time for creative sewing with the hiking trip to Maine and welcome Little Bodie trip to California. So I've been anxious to get back in the studio.
I selected some of the same fabrics used in the larger quilt and had fun with the blocks, quilting in my Layered Technique style. I love being able to use all kinds of threads, even the really glittery ones.
I have put the blocks up on my design wall so I can audition the silk center squares and flower appliqué pieces.
I like the quilt when the blocks are sewn together, even before the leaves and flowers are added.
This time I chose to fuse the appliqué down using Wonder Under. I left the edges of the leaves raw but finished the flower bud with a very tiny zigzag stitch to prevent the silk from fraying too much. Here is a close up of the free motion quilting on the appliqué.
Usually I finish my quilts in this block style with a Knife Edge finish for a clean, more contemporary look. I used this wonderful striped batique fabric as the facing on the back of the large Bloodroot quilt. It was screaming, Binding! at me for this small quilt.

The quilt is finished except for a label on the back and I have a big problem. I really like it! I don't want to donate it to the auction! This quilt would be a perfect example of fusing appliqué on the quilted top for my Quilting in Layers workshops. What to do? Send my new quilt “child” off to the black hole of Texas and into the hands of a stranger? I'm going to have to think about this…



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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    I can see your dilemma and I do love the striped batik for the binding. It’s very Terry. Can’t wait to hear your decision.

  2. What a wonderful mini of Bloodroot. You could domthisnwith every quilt. Keep the mini when the biggie travels around the world.

  3. It’s beautiful Terry! I can see why you want to keep it!

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