Lilies and Quilts

My quilt, Tiger Lilies, has traveled a long way from home. It is currently hanging in Kigali, Rwanda in the American Embassy. I was so honored to be selected to exhibit my work through the Art in Embassies Program. Ambassador Donald Koran and his wife Cynthia Goodson are admirers of American craft and wanted to showcase this type of artwork in the offices and residence in Kigali.
These colorful day lilies grow in profusion all along the roads and old stone walls in Chester County. They are not native plants and some people consider them “invasives.” But I think they are beautiful and I love to think about the people who carried them here and shared them long ago. Along the Delaware/Pennsylvania state line are so many roads with the name Mill– Barley Mill, Snuff Mill, Burnt Mill, Spring Mill, Burrows Mill and many more. I really think these millers planted the lilies along the banks of the mill streams.
It was lovely to receive an email from a visitor to the Rwandan Embassy who saw my quilt in Kigali. He and his wife love quilts and he asked me if I had a quilt similar to Tiger Lilies for sale. I did have a smaller version that my customer was pleased with.
So now Day Lilies bloom in Washington, D.C. As well as Africa and Chester County. Quilt “invasives” I guess. That’s a good thing!






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  1. Gorgeous Terry! How wonderful for you!

  2. Cheryl lynch says

    I love the orange blossoms against the blue background. No wonder they loved it.

  3. Stephanie says

    Congratulations, Terry! That is wonderful! You should be very proud!

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