Day 5 Moxi Bald Mountain

Why do the signs only point South? We are hiking the opposite way, North from Moxi Pond Road to Bald Mountain Road. I've been a little nervous thinking about this hike. Mountains in Maine are big and the trails don't tend to be switch backed. Gary has dropped us off because he plans to spend the day fishing.
Just steps from the road we have to ford the inlet to Moxi Pond. “Ponds” in Maine would be called lakes anywhere else. This was supposed to be a rock hop but plenty of water flowing has forced us to ford. And it's pretty treacherous because you have to step down into the swift water, up past my thighs, make sure you're secure to take the next step and do it again until you get across. Those rocks don't make for a soft landing if you mis-step.
All safely across, we start hiking up the mountain immediately. It's a great trail up, steady and not too steep. Some cool rock formations to enjoy.
Tim is loving this and really wants to explore.
He wants to investigate this narrow slot but Laura vetoes the idea.
Think it will hold long enough to pass through?
Almost to the top. Love that blaze on the cairn.
I love this! Almost like a paved walkway! Just goes to remind me, you can look at the maps and mountain profile and worry about a hike and then be totally surprised at how lovely it is. And sometimes what looks like a stroll in the park on paper, makes my heart race and turns out to be adrenalin pumping, leg shaking scary. How many miles will I hike before I learn this lesson?
How is this for just plain spectacular!
It just keeps going. I'm so sad that Gary missed this hike.
It's all down hill from here.
Just to reinforce that “expectations” lesson, we face another unexpected water ford. This is the last straw for Laura! I think I would consider swimming, but fortunately it isn't that deep. As incredibly beautiful as it was, no way am I hiking back over that big mountain. I am very happy to see Gary waiting at the road crossing with the car.
AT miles hiked 10.8



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  1. Wow, amazing scenery! What a joy to be able to hike in such a beautiful area.

  2. Stephanie says

    Oh. My. Gosh! What a wonderful day! Lucky you!

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