Day 4 Zero Day

A zero day is a day no miles are hiked. It's a day for resting and relaxing. The plan for today is to lounge on the dock, read a book and listen to the sound of loons calling to each other, a day to kayak around Lake Hebron.
I paddled around the point…
And spotted a bald eagle in a tree!
I parked my kayak in the still lake water and watched him for some time. A couple paddled by in a canoe and told me where to see his nest. I quickly located the huge nest– a big juvenile eagle was making quite a racket, waiting for mom to bring him a fish. Once fed, he quieted down and paced around the edge of the nest when his mother flew off to hunt again. How lucky I was to watch three eagles in their habitat.
Gary fished from the dock and could barely throw the line out before he caught a small blue gill or trout. Lots of catching, but no trophies.
Laura tried out a kayak for the first time and followed loons with babies riding on their mother's backs.
Sometimes the best days of the Appalachian Trail experience, not a mile is hiked, but the memories made are just as sweet as making progress toward Kahtadin.



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  1. I love that eagle!

  2. Christine says

    Nice report & photos. I still get excited to see an eagle even though we see them frequently. Yesterday when we were kayaking, we saw one fighting with an osprey.

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