Day 3 Fording Rivers


Today we are hiking from Bald Mountain Road to Lake Hebron and it is all about rivers. When we reach the West Branch of the Piscataquis River, we see all these little cairns hikers have stacked up at the waters edge. Heavy rains can make this river very dangerous. Hikers have drowned trying to ford the river in shoulder high water levels.
Gary is used to fording streams and walking in rivers to fly fish and he goes first. I am hot and sweaty and looking forward to cooling off.
This is the second river I have had to actually put on water shoes and ford. The current is swift and I'm very glad to have the cable to hold on to. I enjoyed the challenge and the cool water felt great!
All Gary can think about is why did he not bring the fly rod? All Laura can think about is, we have to ford the river a second time later…
The river tumbles and falls all along the trail today. I love it when the sound of the water is my companion. Watching every step and concentrating on staying on the trail. Too much gawking could get me in trouble.
When we reach the Each Branch of the Piscatauquis, Tim goes first and it's an easy crossing. When the river is high, hikers will tie their backpacks to the cable and pull them across. There is nothing worse than a soaked and sodden sleeping bag and water logged food. I am so happy that we have lucked out with perfect, dry weather. It's been a great day on the Appalachian Trail.
AT miles hiked 10.7



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  1. It did not look nearly as scary as I imagined! It looks beautiful, cool and lovely!

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