Day 2 Little Wilson Falls


I love this photo of Laura contemplating Little Wilson Falls. I love waterfalls and Little Wilson is the highest waterfall on the Appalachian Trail. It was a hard slog getting up here. We are “slack packing” this section, meaning we are not carrying a loaded backpack with a tent, all our food and gear and sleeping on the trail. We are “day hiking” driving to where we can find a road that crosses the AT, or hiking a side trail to where it intersects the Appalachian Trail.
This morning we paid a driver to shuttle us to a forest road where we picked up a rugged trail that followed Little Wilson River, climbing straight up for about a mile and a half to reach the AT intersection.
This can be pretty difficult and confusing because many times the spur trails are not marked on the maps and sometimes, especially in Maine, even the dirt roads and logging roads are unmarked.
The top of the falls where you can walk to the edge. Laura doesn't walk to the edge of anything, especially waterfalls. But I want to make that extra mile and a half count.
Check and double check, where are those white blazes?
My eyes are constantly looking for moose in every likely pond and we pass several today. But no luck.
This beaver damn was very cool. Look how the water lever is as high as Laura's shoulders, held back by beaver engineering.
Impressive root snarls to negotiate. You call this a trail?
More like it! Laura and Gary taking a breather at the top. Follow the cairns instead of blazes now.
Our hike ends today at the parking lot before the start of the 100 Mile Wilderness. The sign says:
There are no places to obtain supplies or get help until Abol Bridge 100 miles north. Do not attempt this section unless you have a minimum of 10 days supplies. This is the longest wilderness section of the AT and it's difficulty should not be underestimated.
Sounds daunting! It is a very tough section. I know because I backpacked half of the 100 miles last summer. But tonight I will sleep in a real bed– right after a long, lovely shower. I love slack packing!
AT miles hiked 6.6 plus 1.5 spur trail



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  1. You are a VERY experienced hiker! After meeting you and hearing the “Love for Hiking” and taking in the beauty around you, I am sure this was a incredibly scenic trail!

  2. Stephanie says


    Your photos are BEAUTIFUL!!! Too bad no moose!


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