Day 1 Warm Up

My brand new hiking boots don't look very new any more.
Laura plunged into a mud hole and her boots look worse than mine! We are all up in Maine to hike another section of the Appalachian Trail. After a long drive from Massachusetts, Laura and I stretch our legs for 3.3 miles between Maine Rt. 15 and the Lake Hebron trailhead.
Gary and Laura's husband, Tim, check into this house we have rented on Lake Hebron. No tents or backpacks on this “glam” hiking trip.
After unloading our cars, it's a short drive into Monson for dinner. No freeze dried food on this trip either! The ribs cooking in this huge smoker are on the plate tonight.
A cold beer pairs perfectly with ribs, cole slaw and grilled corn bread. The Long Trail is actually in Vermont but a section of it follows the same trail as the Appalachian Trail.
There is enough light left when we get back for Gary to try his luck with his fly line on Lake Hebron. I'll watch from the shore this time, listening to the call of loons and allowing the tranquil evening to settle around me.
AT miles hiked 3.3



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  1. Well, girl, life is ROUGH. Enjoy the beautiful clear air up there and heft a cold one for
    Chuck and me. We are having a “stacation” doing stuff around home for most of the summer.
    Today is September in July, which we are enjoying after some Vietnamese weather earlier.
    My biggest hikes are walking my corgi (who I am proud to say lost 4 POUNDS this spring due
    to portion control and walking…and down to my sewing machine in the basement, which has
    been humming away at an impressive rate.

    Melissa did make it to France, and she is having an awesome time. Chocolate, wine, lots of
    horses and riding in castle moats and near the sea….oh to be 26 again!!

  2. It looks beautiful! Glad you had fun.

  3. Christine says

    Great report!! Would love to do THAT section with that weather.

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