Quick Trip

These are cool garden sculptures made by my sister Denise.
I'm in Illinois for a quick trip to visit my amazing mother and family. Yes, we really read the fine print in the color coordination memo!
This is my favorite quilt shop–anywhere! Peace and Appliqué in Rochester, Illinois.
There are three big rooms of fabric and everything else a quilter might need in this lovely, historic old building.
Aren't cell phones cameras and texting wonderful? My friend Jane needed me to shop for her, too. She wanted the fabric on the left. I should have detailed my mom and brother (I've always wanted “staff!) with the task of “cyber shopping.” I got too involved with my own selections and missed one of Jane's fabrics.
This fabric is coming home with me.
I found this pattern by Jaybird Quilts and I think it will show off some of my fancy long arm machine quilting. Thank goodness for the wonderful ladies in the shop who can do math fabric requirements. I never seem to want to follow the pattern plan and they were so helpful and knowledgable. You can't get that kind of expertise with on-line shopping.
Now this is the way to recover your strength after power shopping for fabric! A trip to Springfield wouldn't be complete without lunch at Steak n' Shake. So sad you're missing this, Gary!


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  1. Terry, your picture with mom is beautiful!

  2. Cheryl lynch says

    Awesome! Nice to have a visual of your Mom. Only shopping for Jane? What about the st of us? I love the fabric you bought.

  3. Christine says

    Oh, Terry…I smiled when I saw the team dress, then laughed out loud with the fine print comment! I LOVE the fabric you picked. If you don’t want to use the little scraps in the fine fashion I’ve been demonstrating, let me know: I could help. I’m sure you had a great visit with your sharp mother. I’m awaiting more details.

  4. Your mom looks great!
    Looks like a fun shopping trip too….

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