Somewhere along the Appalachian Trail? No, this is a favorite trail in the Laurels Nature Preserve just a few miles from home.
We usually hike along Doe Run and Buck Run and cross the creeks on two old covered bridges. Both bridges are Queenpost Truss, single-spans, constructed in 1881. The Brandywine Conservancy is restoring the bridges so they're under construction and closed to all walkers.
No problem. Well just take another trail today.
Still a few jack-in-the-pulpits blooming.
And these lovely white flowers that I don't know the name of.
A perfect day for a hike and a country drive in the little sports car.
Looks like Napa Valley but it's beautiful Chester County, not even a quarter mile from my house.
The Galer Vineyard and Winery is a great place to relax with a glass of wine.
And sit on the deck and listen to live music. Sometimes you don't have to travel very far and the best of days can be experienced pretty close to home.


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  1. Christine says

    Ahhhhhh…. Beautiful. No place like home!

  2. Looks like the perfect day!

  3. I am amazed at the beauty that is so close to home–we just need to have our eyes and mind open to take it all in. Your place home called home is beautiful!

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