Gone But Not Forgotten

This sign used to say Roundabout Quilt Shop. Ahh, such fond memories of the lovely quilt shop owned by my good friend, Andra.
Recognize this room? Those shelves used to be filled with bolts of fabric. Now diners chat over coffee and ice cream where the cutting table used to be.
The little shop is all decked out in a Hunt Country theme, very appropriate for the area.
You might see a fox and hounds chased by horses, ridden by red coated riders blowing horns, while sitting on the verandah.
I haven’t tried the ice cream or coffee yet. I know you don’t believe that! but I just stopped to get a look inside and a bottle of water. So now my closest quilt fabric shop is The Quilt Ledger, about 20 miles away in Christiana, Pennsylvania.

It is a lovely shop with enticing fabric. The owner also has a Victorian house across the street to hold quilting retreats. There are several ladies having a great time shopping, carrying pizza and cake from from cars into the house. I’m jealous. I love “going on a sewing bender!”
How far is your local quilt shop? JoAnns and Walmart type stores don’t count because the experience just isn’t the same– to say nothing of the fabric quality. Why couldn’t Andra just have added the coffee and ice cream in with the collections of Moda, threads, books and patterns? Now there’s a winning combination. Or a mess… Or a quilting retreat!








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  1. I don’t believe you haven’t tried the ice cream yet!

  2. I miss her store too!

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