CA MA CO. Cape May County Quilt Guild. I have been looking forward to my lecture and workshop for the Cape May quilters. I've never been to Cape May, New Jersey but I've always wanted to visit. I'd like to take my bike on the ferry from Delaware but couldn't really do that in my car loaded with quilts and workshop supplies.

I think I'll pick a better day for the beach and bike ride.


The weather didn't stop me from taking a quick trip to see the lighthouse. I love lighthouses!
Tourist pleasures aside, I'm here to present my lecture, Inspired by Adventure, and to share my quilts. Gail and Helen have graciously invited me to have dinner with them and some guild members before the meeting. I don't understand this, but I can always pick out the quilters right away, even in a crowded restaurant. And, they're enjoying a glass of wine! Purely as an excellent preventative for the dreaded quilting malady– lint lung– I'm sure. Ohh, these are my people! It's going to be a fun evening!
And it was a wonderful evening after what I am sure was a stressful day. In the wee morning hours, someone crashed a car straight through the Millman Center, where the Guild program is held! I believe the driver wasn't seriously injured but the auditorium was wrecked. So these ladies went into action mode and found another meeting place, notified the membership and directed a set up crew. I even got a co-pilot so I wouldn't get lost, driving to the new venue. Thanks Shirley! My hat is off to you all, way to scramble!
The Quilting in Layers workshop was held at Historic Cold Spring Village. Now I really need to return and spend some time here. This wonderful living history museum brings to life the “age of homespun.”
You can purchase artisan made items and treats in the country store or eat in the restaurant or stroll the grounds and pet the animals.
Today, the sign on the Visitor Center door reads Quilting Class in session.

No hesitation here! These quilters jumped right in and tried something a bit different.

Even some innovative, modern fabric choices.

In this workshop, we start the quilting first and everyone gets quickly into sewing mode.
Don't you love the unusual but very trendy color choices in this quilt. I can't wait to see the dark green leaves and stem.
I had a great day with the CAMACO quilters. You all inspired me and I just wanted to sew when I got home! Thank you so much!


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  1. Hi Terry!

    I am so glad I could attend your lecture and workshop in Cape May. You and your work are so inspiring to me. I love the stories of your artist in residence experiences and how you draw inspiration from nature. Your art and workshop have my wheels turning and the inspiration flowing! Thank you!


  2. Looks like a great time. Bike on a ferry? YES!

  3. Nancy Byers says

    Hi Terry, CAMACO was my home quilt group for many years.. Started my quilting adventure there. Lived in Cape May for 19 years.. So happy they invited you and had your workshop. Many great quilters in the group. Nancy from the AG library class.

  4. Thank You for a wonderful trunk show & lecture along with a FANTASTIC & INSPIRING workshop. The workshop was beyond SUPERB! Your calm manner and
    knowledge of your skills made for the perfect day. I look forward to completing my project in the very near future and seeing everyone else’s. As for your return to the area–please let me know–would very much enjoy getting together. It may have taken a few years of correspondence-but our meeting was meant to be!

  5. I love that they picked fabrics that are out of the box!

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