Tulips at the Library

Where is Avon Grove, Pennsylvania? I don't think there is an actual, incorporated town of Avon Grove, but there is a wonderful Avon Grove Library and lots of quilters that meet to sew there on Mondays. Really, the library is located in West Grove and serves more than 30,000 individuals, primarily in the Avon Grove School District, including West Grove and Avondale boroughs, and the townships of Franklin, Penn, New London, London Britain, and London Grove.

It was wonderful to see the tulip quilts hanging in the library for all to enjoy.
I was so impressed with the color sense and quilting skills these ladies had when I taught the Quilting in Layers Workshop a few months ago.
I can't resist showing a few close ups. I want to gather a big bouquet of these gorgeous quilts! I don't think the ladies would part with them though.


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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    What a wonderful way to display the quilts. It is a compliment to you that so many were finished. Nice job Terrt.

  2. Christine says

    That dismay is WONDERFUL! What a lot of variety from one pattern. You must have been smiling from ear to ear when you walked in!

  3. They are beautiful and feel like spring!

  4. What a good tease your are! I am taking your class next month during the CAMACO workshop and can not wait. I think I may just go gather my fabrics now! They all are spectacular!

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