Fox Creek Gap

Part of the fun in hiking the Appalachian Trail in sections is driving the back roads (really Back! back roads) seeing and experiencing rural America. This was the only establishment of any kind in Fox Creek, Virginia. They had great pulled pork and sweet iced tea for lunch. I love the South!
And I love to hike in Virginia. In this state, they build lovely bridges over the streams instead of expecting you to ford across, like some states I could mention…
I'm headed to Dicky Gap today, over Iron Mountain in Grayson Highlands State Park. Laura and I stopped at Fox Creek Gap two years ago after backpacking over Mt Rogers, the highest point in Virginia. It's a lovey hike today, not quite as hot at this elevation but sunny with a nice breeze. It feels great to be in short sleeves again.
It's a little too early for blooming wild flowers above 4000 feet but I saw this interesting tree, growing from an old stump.
Lovely cascades.
And rhododendron tunnels. I love these tunnels! The Appalachian Trail is sometimes referred to as the long green tunnel because so many of the miles are in deep woods. Gary had a good day fly fishing on the Holston River. Caught several trout over 8 inches. A very nice day for both of us.


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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    How did I miss all these posts! It looks perfectly lovely. You are ino your element. Which part of the trail will be the topic of your next quilt?

  2. I am sending Colin this post!

  3. I can’t remember: are you meeting up with Gary each night and sleeping inside? Looks like another beautiful day here…hope the same for you.

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