Cover Girl

I've always wanted to be a cover girl. That is, have one of my quilts appear on the cover of a book or magazine. My quilt “Mayapples” was featured in the 2013 Award-Winning Quilts calendar. It was nice to be Ms. March but still–that's not a “cover.”

My quilt “After the Ice Storm,” is included in Joen Wolfrom's new book, Color Play: Expanded & Updated Over 100 New Quilts Transparency, Luminosity, Depth & More” due out in September.

But my quilt didn't make the book cover.

My friend Jane Hamilton is a cover girl. She has two quilts in Shanon Gingrich Shirley's new book, “Celebrate the Day With Quilts.” Fifty three quilt artists created seventy two wall hangings that celebrate lesser known, special days, throughout the year.


This quilt, one of the quilts on the cover, celebrates Down's Syndrome Day. Jane's niece Sadie is a cutie cover girl, too
Did you know June 26 is Beautician's Day? Jane's mother was a beautician and I love how Jane used family photos and memorabilia from her mother's Beauty Shop to create a quilt to cherish.
My daughter Kira is a cover girl. Actually, she's had quite a few “covers” in her career as a professional model.
Kira has a gorgeous fashion spread in Palm Beach Illustrated and Naples Illustrated April issues. If you're in Florida, let me know if you see the magazine!
I'd better get to work. I have lots to aspire to. With quilts, that is!


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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    Oooooh! I love all those covers and the calendar. You tell your friend Jane that she needs to brag a bit when she’s with us. I love the way she used the hand mirrors. It looks like a great book. Miss March is pretty cool.

  2. Stephanie says

    Terry, Congratulations! Many people would say that being a “calendar girl” is as fabulous as being a “cover girl”. And, like Kelly said, I think a cover is coming very soon!

    Omg, your daughter is BEAUTIFUL (as are YOUR quilts)!!!

  3. Christine says

    Nice presentation! Neat covers on all fronts!

  4. You are a winner of a friend in my book! Your cover will come soon enough! Maybe the quilt you are working on right now??!!!
    I love Jane’s quilts, Sadie is adorable. I will be buying that book.
    Kira is breathtaking, no wonder she is on a cover!

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