Coloring Book

I stopped in at Terrain, a cool plant nursery and home goods store in Glen Mills, PA. I didn't find the herbs I was looking for but I found this really nice coloring book.
The line drawings are amazing. I almost wanted to buy two books. One to color in fine point magic markers and one to keep pristine.
You know what I'm thinking.
Quilting designs! Wouldn't this be beautiful stitched on a quilt.
I tried my hand at adapting some of the simpler designs. Now to try stitching them. Easier said than done, I'm sure.
Even the shopping bags at Terrain are pretty.


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  1. I can’t wait to see the quilting patterns. BTW, that is one of my favorite places to visit- food & all.

  2. Very cool, I love to color!

  3. Christine says

    Y E S !

  4. Terri, I love this book! I would have bought two! You are such an amazing quilter, I am sure you will make them look even more beautiful with threads.

  5. Those designs are so you! Good luck quilting’ll be gorgeous!

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