A New Day

Three consecutive days hiking on the Appalachian Trail.
Day 1 80 degrees, sweating and sun burned
Day 2 AM, humid, mist and rain. PM, sleet, pounding hail, thick snow
Day 3 frigid 23 degrees, bright blue sky, sun, no wind
Ya gotta wonder, what will tomorrow be like!
Gosh, I am loving today! Snappy cold for sure but I have on the appropriate clothing and I'm totally comfortable. I really am a cold weather hiker. I was thinking about this today.
Reasons Why I Like Hiking in Cold Weather. (in order of importance)
1. Chocolate doesn't melt
2. My glasses don't fog up
3. No friggin' frackin' BUGS
4. No sweating puddles into my boots
5. No sweat dripping off my nose or stinging into my eyes
6. Water stays cold
7. I don't have to suck wind in exhaustion and rest every 10 steps on big Ups
8. I don't have to wear shorts
9. It isn't HOT
10. No snakes
I can probably think of more reasons but I am just enjoying my 10.7 mile hike.
Meadows are a treat.
I sat on this lovely style, admired the view, had a snack and drink and was very thankful to be able to be here, living in this moment today. I think that is one of the reasons I enjoy hiking. I always feel very “present,” though not always comfortably present, as was true in the weather yesterday. Some hikers report just the opposite. They live in their heads while hiking. There is a good description in Bill Bryson's book, “A Walk in the Woods.” The character Katz asks Bill, “How the heck did you get over that big blown down tree, man?” Bill says, “What tree?” He didn't even notice, he was so in his own thoughts.
I'm always amazed that I can be so captivated and entertained just by the view of the forest floor at my feet! I feel like I am more observant and examine details when hiking. I confess that I do think about quilts I want to make sometimes!
Trail Magic! Some wonderful, anonymous “Trail Angel” has left something for hikers. There is a German ThruHiker filling his water bottles. I'm not sure what else is available in the coolers. I'll leave the goodies for others. I have been a grateful recipient of Trail Magic many times.

The end of this hike at the South Fork of the Holston River, where Gary has been fishing, but not so much catching, today. That's the way it goes!


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  1. Christine says

    Nice report, you almost make me want to hike the AT…almost. Well, perhaps just a significant hike someday. Enjoy the reward at the end of this hike:Tanner and kids!

  2. It looks beautiful (except for the damn snow). That blue sky took my breath away!
    Stay safe missy!

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