Have you heard about these Gender Reveal parties? Expecting parents can choose to know the sex of their baby before birth and they think of the most creative ways to “reveal” boy or girl at a fun party. Kira hosted a party for her sister, Caitlin, expecting our darling grandchild number five, in August.

Lots of balloons arrived in aqua and coral theme colors.
Plenty of help available to hang decorations.
Coral flowers in aqua mason jars.
My contribution to the decorations, based on Caitlin’s pregnancy hints.
Festive food and drink, including the best ever cup cakes.
Bow or Beau? Guests had to decide if they thought Caitlin and Danny would have a sister or brother for Ellis. Out of town family was represented in a slide show playing on the television.
Gary’s guess.
Avarie and I, wishing and hoping!
Are the Miller men planning for a basketball team?
Kira showed real talent and engineering skills, also stamina blowing up balloons in the wee morning hours, to rig the surprise box.
It’s a BOY!!! We are so happy and excited!


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  1. Stephanie says

    Congratulations, Terry! I love your contribution! Very cute! Those brothers will be best buddies!

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