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I refuse to put a snow picture on this blog! Mostly because it's to dang cold to even step outside! What a hard landing coming back from sunny and warm Cozumel to yet another snow storm. Seriously, I'm suffering withdrawal from lack of salsa and guacamole
OK, done griping. I am refreshed from vacation and focusd on getting my quilt Bloodroot, quilted. I took my paper pattern and copied some of the appliqué leaves and flowers onto a piece of muslin with a black manic marker. I added batting and backing and loaded the practice quilt on my long arm. This will give me some idea of how the quilting lines will flow without the distraction of the piecing.
I would be really inspired if I could see some bloodroot blooming right now. As there should be in March!


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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    What a great way to practice and test your plans. It will look fabulous in color.

  2. I would have never thought of the trial run first! Great idea! I can not wait to see the quilt. Salsa… Yum! I will have to make some tonight.

  3. Great idea, love the pattern.

  4. Christine says

    This looks so cool. And to think the actual quilt in color will look even better!

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