I Spy

I've been working on a special quilt for my grandson, Ellis. He's 1 year old and crazy about trucks and cars and I think he's going to going to love playing sports when he gets a little older. I found this great panel and lots of sports themed fabric at Burkholders Fabrics, near Denver, PA.
Jane made an I Spy quilt with her grand daughter's name on it. I loved that idea and decided to do it too.
Lucky for me Ellis is a really easy name! I used 1 inch graph paper to block out all the letters then added the quarter inch seam allowance and cut the fabric to piece into blocks.


Many of my friends in the “Sometimes We Do” and “The Quiltini's” quilt bees are grandmothers. Actually, it's been grand kid season for a few years and we're all hopeful that it will continue for a while! We all donated novelty fabric to make I Spy quilts and we pass the bag around to share as needed. It's a great way to have a nice selection of fabrics. Thank you all! I couldn't have made this quilt without you because I don't stray into that section of the quilt shop very often.


I always like to include photos of lots of people in the family. The little ones really like finding mommy and daddy, uncles, aunts, pets– everyone who loves them–and their own picture.
I collect the photos and crop and size them so they all look just about the same and then print them out on fabric using one of the commercially available printer sheets. I like to piece a border around the photos because I can then trim the blocks to 4 and a half inches.
Uncle Tyler lookin' good! I'll report in soon and tell you how Ellis likes his quilt.


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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    I love the way you incorporate photos. I can’t wait to make my first I Spy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Christine says

    He probably already loves it! Well done.

  3. It is something they will treasure forever!

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