Day Trippin’

We wanted to explore around the island so we rented a jeep today. We can't get lost and don't need much of a map since Cozumel is a small island about 30 miles long and 10 miles wide. There is one road that hugs the shoreline and one road that cuts across the island. The other end of the island road washed out in a hurricane years ago.

First stop is the lighthouse. I can't remember the number of steps to the top but we climbed them all, our reward, a fantastic view. The part I liked best was the small museum that recreated the keepers home and the stories of the pirates that frequented the island. Like the infamous Jean LaFitte– no mention of Captain Jack Sparrow. (This ones for you, Nancy H!)
The lighthouse is at the tip end of the island in an ecological park, mostly for the nesting sea turtles but there's lots of bird life and crocodiles.
And some pretty big iguanas!
We checked out Coconuts dive bar.
Quite a hopping place, we were warned to bring extra underwear in case we wanted to exchange some we are wearing for a free drink.
From the looks of the selection stapled to the walls, many people have availed themselves of the bargain. Gary suggests, since we are on a budget, I might make a sacrifice. But threatening him with hours of lingerie shopping in town discourages that bad idea.


Anywhere we want to stop, it's just a short walk to take a quick swim to cool off. This is Bonita Beach, listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Only a handful of people are here. What an incredible paradise.


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  1. Christine says

    Sounds like a fun day. I’m surprised Gary did not suggest going commando!

  2. I wish I was there right now!

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