California Dreamin’

This photo is screaming Quilt! to me. I love the composition of the leaves and flowers but that orangey-coral color is screaming “shopping trip.” In my fabric stash, the orange and yellow fabrics are totally missing! Still, I promised myself to work in bright colors for my next project.
Vibrant colored flower gardens are everywhere, strolling down the streets in Santa Monica.
My daughter Caitlin takes Ellis on a daily walk on the promenade, just a block from her house.

I miss them so much! What a gray and rainy weekend we came home to. Two to three inches of rain is predicted with a possibility of sleet or wintry mix. The perfect excuse to stay inside and quilt and maybe make some home made pizza.



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  1. Christine says

    Go terry, finish bloodroot and then take on a new color palette! I love Ellis’ pant leg.

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