I just filled out a long survey sponsored by quilting companies and quilt museums– HandiQuilter, Superior Threads, Quilt Museum in Nebraska and others. They wanted to know where I get inspiration. Magazines? Quilt shows? Museums? Of course, I know they have an agenda. But where is the box to tick that says, Friends? My BQF’s (Best Quilting Friends) inspire me and motivate me so much!


Don’t you just love this cool tuffet Christine made–inspired by the tuffet Sujata made. I sooo want to make one in all hot pink fabrics for a new granddaughter. Actually, I want Christine to make it for me! If the granddaughter turns out to be a grandson…he’s not getting one– in any color.
I love this colorful quilt Sujata made. I wanted to name it “Pistahios” but they don’t color the shells red and green anymore so nobody would get it! Her exuberant colors and style send me running to pull out my solid fabrics. I’m pretty sure I have the colors needed to make a quilt titled “Walnuts.” I’ve got to work on getting more colorful…
This cute quilt on timtex was made by Kelly. She always does fun stuff and inspires me to play a little. I don’t have those fabrics either…
Humm. Instead of trying to get quilters to fill out a long, boring survey with limited response questions, why don’t the quilting companies invite me and my whole, huge group of BQF’s to a nice info gathering outing, complete with red wine– just to prevent Lint Lung, you know. They would get much, much better market research.


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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    I’m in!

  2. Christine says

    Too funny.

  3. They sure would!

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