Storm Warning!

When over a foot of snow is predicted, preparation is serious business. I made sure I was stocked with all the essentials. I made a trip out to Lancaster county with stops at Souders and Burkholders fabric stores to get exactly what I needed– and then some. Really, I just wanted to find some sports novelty fabric for a quilt for a special lil guy turning one year old soon, and a yard and a half of border fabric for the Bonnie Hunter scrap quilt.
Then I found this fabric on sale– and many other fabrics that made their way into my shopping cart. Well, buying serious yardage at a nice price justifies driving over an hour, right? It wouldn't be sensible or frugle to return with just a fat quarter and a yard and a half.
I also stopped at Shady Maple to get Oreos, called Snow Food in our house. After the last storm, A WEEK AGO, with the power outage, no way was I going to be caught short again. I vowed to get a bag of each flavor of Oreo cookie. Do you know that there are over 20 flavors of Oreos! And I didn't even count the Double Stuffs! I restrained myself, one vanilla and one chocolate will have to see us through. So traditional. I just can't wrap my mind around Chocolate Berry Burst Ice Cream flavored Oreos.
I thought I would buy a new cover for my Big Board ironing board. $50! Yikes. Decided that $5 of canvas and some Gorilla tape pilfered from Gary's workshop was a better idea.
Less than 15 minutes of work and I have a nice new board cover. I have found that the only tape that adheres to both the canvas and the wood with a strong enough hold is Heavy Duty Gorilla or Duct Tape with the fabric mesh backing.
I'm storm ready!


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  1. Love those little quilts!

  2. Cheryl lynch says:

    Gorilla Tape? I have never heard of it. I am going to look for it. I use a staple gun. Re: Oreos, do you like the vanilla ones? I think they have discontinued my favorite EL Fudge cookies.

  3. Oh thanks for showing your board cover. Mine is a mess and I really hate using a staple gun. Thanks for the share.

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