We took the hobi cat out today. The original plan was to try our hand at sailing ourselves. But the wind was gusty and fickle and it seemed like a better idea to let Juan Carlos man the tiller and sail.
He took us all the way out to the sand bar right before the reef. The sand bar looks like an electric blue band of ocean water, sandwiched between dark, navy blue water. The colors of the Carribean waters are so amazing. I can see what quilters love to make the Storm at Sea pattern. The fabrics in the whole spectrum of blues and greens would be fantastic to work with.
Returning to shore was super fast. Juan Carlos says the current is very strong. Gary and I spent the afternoon snorkeling just off the beach. I wish I knew all the fish we saw. I can recognize Angel Tangs that swim up to my fingers, and Sargent Majors. But the best was following a sting ray as he rippled over the sea grass.

Of course it was Mexican food for dinner with Mexican Coffee, flamed at our table. I wish I could remember all the ingredients. Kalua, tequila, sambucca maybe? A small dollop of whipped cream and coffee. Moi delishious!


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