My Turn

The Sometimes We Do quilt bee meets every other Tuesday. When it's my turn to host, I have to get my game on. I made amaretto cake, with sliced strawberries in raspberry purée on the side.
I have to bring out a few seasonal collections because these quilters take decorating very seriously. No way I can compete with Peggy, Andra, Susie and Karen, but I enjoy seeing how they use their beautiful homes as a palatte to showcase the things they love, so I try to make an effort!
The little fabric hearts my children sewed so many years ago. These are just some of the Welsh love spoons Gary brought me when he travelled frequently to Cardiff in Wales. The intricacy and symbolism in the carving was a measure of the devotion of a suitor for his intended sweetheart.
Years ago– you can tell by the fabric! I covered some cardboard candy boxes with pieced and hand quilted scraps.
Ginger liked them so much she taught her sewing group how to make them.
Don't you love the decorative little heart stitch she found on her sewing machine! I guess everything old is new again.




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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    Happy Valentines Day! Love the plate collection. I have a similar one in blue- of course.

  2. How very Martha of you!
    The carved hearts are amazing, you should keep them out all the time. The cake sounds yummy!

  3. Terry, I would have never thought of you as heart collector! I do like all that heart stitching on the checkerboard heart. Funny how we can tell the age of our quilts by the fabrics we used to own. That cake sounds delicious!

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