This cute little bird keeps paying us a visit. He's found a small spot in the corner of the house where the sun warms the deck. He has gorgeous blue tail feathers, gray head and light rusty/buff colored throat and breast. Gary and I searched through 3 bird books but we couldn't decide on what kind of bird he is. Our best guess was Northern Parula but that doesn't seem right. Does any one know this species?
I love the Olympic Games and have been watching every night. Four years ago, I missed seeing the Winter Olympics because I was the Artist in Residence at Florida Everglades National Park. I spent February exploring the Everglades and living in the small apartment the park provides. I had an absolutely fantastic adventure but no television!
I think the quilt graphics Russia chose are wonderful! Quilters are hoping yardage will be made available. Although I don't know how you could cut the fabric since it already looks like a quilt.
Since I am the official Couch Judge here, I also award medals independent of the actual winners. I critique everything and deduct points for really awful costumes. Male skaters should not wear see thru fabrics. At all. Major deductions for the Russians. Female skaters should eliminate that flesh colored fake-out skin fabric. Pairs skaters should avoid the Cupie doll aesthetic. Minor deductions for make-up you could trowel off. Snowboarders get disqualified for a butt crack show. Major point deduction for pants around the knees. Quadruple yikes! Gigundanpants even smashed an egg he had in a pocket when he went down. And enough with the numbers on the twists, turns and revolutions. 360? 240? 2080? Is this a Math test? Just say, Single Turn, Double Twist, Three and a Half Revolution With a Fakey Corkscrew Grab. Or whatever.
I'm checking in on the Curlers next. I hear some countries are sporting some splashy pants.


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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    I amazed by 2 things. One is that it has already been 4 years since your Artist in Residences. You better start applying for others. Second, your Mom posted to your blog. That is so awesome. How long did it take all of us to be able to leave a comment???

  2. According to my 60 year old Peterson’s field guide your little bird is indeed a female Eastern bluebird. Since it is almost March she is not very early.

    • Eastern Bluebird it must be! We used to put up bluebird boxes and I thought the scouts came later in spring. Poor little birds, not much here for them with all the snow cover.

  3. Ha! I was able to post from my iPad! But I was not able to correct the typing of my name before it posted. Go figure!

  4. Can’t believe it has been four years since your Everglades adventure!

  5. Terry,

    Are you sure that isn’t a female bluebird? I’ve had a dozen bluebirds lately at my house.

    And I’m with you on the Couch Judging!

  6. Here, here on your critique! You crack me up!

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