South Beach

From the swamps to the beach, Florida has it all. I was up early for a long walk on the promenade. South Beach also has a rental bike system.
Just swipe your credit card, pull the bike out of the rack, ride away and return the bike to any location that has another rack. Cool! Your credit card is charged for the time ridden.
Since Gary was off to his chemical convention, I pedaled to the Bass Art Museum. The Bass is a small museum, the major exhibit being a show of the work of Piotr Uklanski. The narrative states “Piotr Uklanski has created an evocative and expansive body of work that defies categorization.” Umm…I'd agree with that.
A small detail– wow, those are pencil shavings.
A huge, maybe 20 foot by 8 foot, framed work of pencil shavings.
A sculpture composed of ceramic bottles and vases.
This enormous macrame work in a dimly lit room all by itself, was large enough to almost walk into. The narrative stated, “Story of the Eye” synthesizes Uklanski's interest in craft practices and aesthetics of the fringes of Modernism while suggesting the seminal role of visuality in his work. Huh? I'm usually pretty good at deciphering “art speak” but not at all sure I understand.
This large, maybe 10 foot by 10 foot, canvas was my favorite. I walked closer and closer.
Tiny French knots of red embroidery floss, becoming denser until they are stacked on top of each other in the center. Amazing.
Uklanski is “engaging the viewer with the widely recognizeable genre of feminist Fiber Art.”
I'm feeling vaguely insulted by that statement. When I get home, this female Fiber Artist is going to sew a widely recognizable Log Cabin quilt or Irish Chain quilt or just a Four Patch! For now, I'm headed for a scoop of Haagen Das chocolate truffle salted Carmel ripple ice cream. Insult forgotten.


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  1. Amazing! Love the pencil shavings.

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