Didn't see a single one–yesterday. But we got a hot tip from a fellow kayaker. It seems when the water is cold, the manatees like to hang out near the Ft. Meyers power plant. There is a manatee park located near the power plant on the Orange River.
There are observation decks where you can see lots of manatees! The naturalist on duty says there about 200 here presently.
Look at how scarred the large one in the foreground is. Manatees have collisions with boats and propellers in the canals and waterways. The experts here at the park have just rescued two injured manatees and tagged them to monitor their progress. You can see them swimming, pulling along their floating tag buoys.
The park rents canoes and kayaks so you can really get up close and personal with the manatees, but we decline this time. It's fun to see them nudge the boats, gently scratching their backs. I love the babies, they swim so close to their moms. Is there a Life List for animals, like there is for birds? I've just added manatees to mine!
The end to a perfect day. Sundowners in hand, we took a stroll on the beach at our place on Lovers Key to watch the sunset.


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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    So happy to read all your posts.

  2. Gorgeous sunset!

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