I really love kayaking in Florida. Paddling through the mangroves there is so much to see, and it isn't difficult or scary. It's not like a river where you have to worry about a strong current and not being able to paddle back up stream.
It is so serene and beautiful.
And the bird life just amazes me. We got really close to this little blue heron.

We are following a 5 mile marked water trail in Lovers Key state park, very hopeful and on the look out for manatees.
All along the Trail are pull out places with shady picnic tables. Great place to eat the lunch we've brought along. You can't really stay overnight and tent from your kayak here because the trail in the park is too short. But I am reliving my wonderful experience as Artist in Residence at Everglades National Park when Gary and I canoed a part of the Wilderness Waterway. We spent nights in our tent, set up on the chickees–wooden platforms above the water.
I think it can be so productive for an artist to step out of the comfort zone. After my Artist Residency in Everglades, I came home to my studio to create Ghost Orchids. Just before shipping the quilt to Everglades to fulfill the residency donation requirement, I entered it in the Quiltfest of NewJersey show, where it won Best of Show. I was thrilled beyond measure!




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  1. Warm!!! It looks so warm! Enjoy the rest of the trip. I am warm inside with the sound of my fireplace and humming of the sewing machine.
    That wild orchids quilt is so beautiful. I wonder what will come out of this trip!

  2. Looks like you are having fun!

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