We have just weathered our third snow storm in a week. I guess we might be in for a real winter this year. Longwood Gardens is beautiful any time of the year but especially at Christmas time. For the past few years, Longwood has been focusing on botanical decoration and eliminating any religious holiday or commercial theme references. No more Rudolf, Santa, Wise Men or Menorrahs. I have mixed thoughts about this philosophy but I think the flower and plant creations and the nature inspired decorations are spectacular.
This was my favorite display. The floor of the Conservatory is covered with several inches of water and this is a design composed of floating green and red apples.
Three snowstorms in a week calls for a cozy fire in the fireplace. We have a tradition of making fettuccini alfredo and enjoying the fire while we eat dinner. I know, it’s a heart attack on a plate, but we only have it for the first fire of the season. And we make sure to counter the effects with a glass of red wine.


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  1. Wow! I can’t wait to see the floating apples. My first thought from your picture was silver and red ornaments…stationery, though. Floating! Wow!! and the apples looks so identical. We are going to Longwood tonight.

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