Baileys and Coffee and Oreos

Doesn't this photo just make you want to run screaming to your studio and start playing with fabric? Actually, when I snapped the shot toward Longwood Gardens, we had been inching along a 10 mile stretch to home for over two hours. What was supposed to be a “light wintry mix” turned into blinding, heavy, accumulating snow. Cars were all over the road, spinning wheels, going sideways then going no where. Stuck. Lucky for me, Gary was driving and we have four wheel drive so at the first chance, we turned out of the stopped traffic on Route 1 and took back roads home.

I had good intentions of getting into the sewing room but Gary made coffee with a dollop of Baileys and we got into the Oreos we bought because it was snowing… Now I have good intentions for tomorrow.


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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    Yum, Oreos! I didn’t now you had a partner in crime.

  2. A pretty good snow day!

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