Quilt Bee


I’m the hostess for the quilt bee today. We’ve been meeting for more than 20 years! Peggy named us “The Sometimes We Do Quilt Bee” because sometimes we actually do quilt! We certainly have a great time enjoying our friendship, supporting each other, solving the problems of the world, quilting, sewing and loads of other stuff. Like eating and trading recipes. On the menu this morning is cupcakes! Three choices: coconut, (I’m suffering withdrawal from lack of coconut cake from the Sewing Bender!) chocolate or vanilla frosted. I’ll have one of each because there are no calories at quilt bee.


Andra showed this gorgeous top she just completed as a gift for a friend whose home was severely damaged in Hurricane Sandy.


I’d love to try this fun construction technique. Andra used two Layer Cake packs, one with all white squares and one with prints. Pair a white and a print square, right sides together. Sew one quarter inch from the edge on all four sides. Cut the squares on the diagonal from opposite corners, creating four half square triangles. You really have to take care with pressing and sewing because this technique leaves all the edges on the bias. Doesn’t look like Andra missed matching any of her seams because we all admired the top and envied her friend. I just might make one for my beach house. OK…I don’t have a beach house…but that’s not a deal killer for making the quilt!

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  1. I love that quilt. A zig zag quilt is on my list!

  2. I belong to a small friendship group and my husband calls us the “cake eaters”, as he thinks we eat more cake than create quilts! I am making the same quilt as your friend, but I am not using the method you have described. The colours in my quilt are charcoal (where your friend has used white) and blues and a touch of gold.

    • Your quilt sounds beautiful. Grays and charcoal shades are so in now. And I want to join the cake eaters! What fun!