Mums the Word

As in chrysanthemums! I walked around Longwood Gardens, expecting to see a gorgeous display of colors along the Flower Walk but Jack Frost must have wrecked havoc the night before because all the mums were gone. The staff was busily planting bulbs to bloom in the spring.

But inside the conservatory I was not disappointed because a big chrysanthemum show and contest was underway.
Every color, shape and size chrysanthemum was on display in the judged categories, along with beautiful and creative arrangements. This tiny entry was only was only 3 inches tall!
The blooms alone were more than 6 inches across in this basket!
At this time of the year, the conservatory is planted with so many mum varieties. I love the scraggly, more exotic cultivars.
The most amazing grand finale has to be this single plant, called The Miracle of a Thousand Blooms. It is the largest plant of its kind ever grown in North America.
The horticulture experts at Longwood trained in Japan to learn the secrets of growing a chrysanthemum with over 1,000 equally spaced flowers. From a single stem cutting, it has taken seventeen months and over 1,500 staff hours to nurture and train this single plant into a perfect blooming dome.
That is pretty mind blowing!


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  1. Cheryl lynch says

    That is one amazing plant!

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