Not to Be

My daughter recently gave me this bottle of champaign. I love champaign. Even though I haven’t finished the entire Appalachian Trail, I thought climbing Mount Kahtadin and taking a photo at the top with Laura, Tim and Gary would surely be worthy of a champaign toast. It was not to be.
The last day of hiking out of the 100 Mile Wilderness, Laura took a bad fall on the rocks and broke her wrist. She was a real trooper and managed to hike out and spend the night in a motel in Millinocket . The next morning Tim took her home to the Emergency Room, X-RAY’s and a cast.
I didn’t get away with hiking in Maine unscathed either. Taking my boot off in the car, I was pretty sure something was very wrong with my ankle. Not as serious as a break, but a bad sprain has left me hobbled and munching Advil like it’s a snack food.
Laura and I both are disappointed not to have summited Kahtadin. Laura is so close to completing the entire Appalachian Trail. I have a ways to go.
2,175 Miles 1,277 Miles Hiked 898 Miles to Go
Well, at least I broke out of the 900’s! Humm…that might be worthy of champaign…


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  1. Oh, that’s too bad–so sorry about Laura’s accident and your ankle. When life hands out lemons, drink that champagne, I say (LOL) hugs and get better soon;( I have only walked on about 1/eensey bit of the Trail coming over Washington MT in MA when I was much younger and much spry-er (ROTFLOL) . Good luck on finishing it to you both..I applaud your grit!) Julierose