Day 4

I woke up several times during the night. Yep, still raining. But at dawn, looking through the screen tent window, I could see sunlight filtering through the tree tops. Fantastic! First thing today we start up Nesuntabunt Mountain, not very high but a steep climb.

Incredible views at the top, very worth the exertion. We can actually see Mt Kahtadin in the distance.

Then down the mountain to walk along the Pollywog Gorge, I was not prepared for how incredibly deep, wild and beautiful the gorge was. And all along the Trail edges, wild blueberry bushes with lots of sweet berries. Gary can’t resist throwing his line in at several spots that look “fishy” so I hike on. For the first time, I am the front runner and for hours I hike along beautiful waterfalls.

Several miles of cascade after cascade, I love the rushing water and the stretch of solitude. Tonight we pitched our tent on the shores of Rainbow Lake. I was looking forward to another wading experience but standing on a rock at waters edge I noticed something…big minnows? No…leeches! Big leeches! No way I’m getting anywhere even close to that water.

In the tent, snugged in the sleeping bags, something sniffs and scratches at the tent wall near Gary’s head. He bats at the tent fabric and connects with a small animal body! Undeterred, the critter returns and Gary bats it again. We can hear it roll off into the leaves. Maybe not such a good idea keeping our food bag in the tent.


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