Day 2

I don’t think there is a better way to start an 11 mile hike than with a breakfast of pancakes with Maine blueberries, bacon, scrambled eggs, orange juice and coffee. I think I’m going to gain weight on this trip! No more luxury in the next few days. Our packs are ready, camelbacks filled with spring water and we are ready to take the boat back across the lake to the Trail.
Today is much less humid than yesterday, a great day to enjoy the beauty of Maine.
On the maps, it looks very flat by AT standards. There are some flat stretches but lots of strenuous ups and downs. Or is it the backpack that adds the difficulty! I’ve gotten used to carrying a small day pack. Gary and I weighed our packs before we left and mine was about 25 pounds without water. That’s not too bad and since I carry all the food, my pack will get lighter. Not soon enough…
Hiking along Namakanta Stream, we’ve seen a number of beaver lodges. The water is so clear, often I can see the bottom even from the trail.


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  1. A yummy breakfast, beautiful streams and countryside…..what a wonderful way to enjoy your hike. Love the photo of the building. from jenny in Australia

  2. Cheryl Lynch says

    So happy you are sharing your hiking adventures. Maine blueberries – yum! Brings back fond memories.